The NewLove community is a community based on friendship, openness, compassion, Love and Joy. We are a community of lovers and wise go getters that are inspired to make a positive impact on this world. 

This community is just starting to come together and as the momentum builds a movement of peace and Love will come of it. All communities have the power to shape society, so it is our vision to be a force of Love and compassion in this world. For when we are united, We can BE the symbol that Love can truly unite all.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Be Love,

Be Light,

Be Peace,

Be Here Now.

NewLove is a new community 

This community is truly just a dream at this point, so anyone who wants to get involved and become a member will be welcomed with open arms and a big gracious smile. Infinite Love for all who are drawn to this community <3

Steps to Realize


This is where we create the structure of the community and how we are to move forward. Thus we work on community building, event planning, the website and streamlining what we create.

Initiatives & Projects

This is when we start hosting events and doing things in the world that make a difference.

Realize the Change

See that what is being done is truly making a positive impact on the world. Thus we realize the change and continue to change.

World Peace

Bring all the people of the world into a unified understanding of compassion and Love. Such that all people resolve their conflicts and world peace comes into reality. This is the End Goal.

We'd Love to see you

Tell us about yourself, and we'd love to invite you to have a meeting. Send an email, text, call or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  |  Tel: (587) 999-1085

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